LLW Forum Releases Report Identifying Compact Import and Export

NRC Releases Request for Commission Approval to Publish Final Part 61 Rule and Related Documents

NRC Reopens Comment Period for Proposed Part 61 Rule and Associated Technical Assistance Guidance Document

P61WG and Stakeholder Comments re NRC’s New Proposed Part 61 Rule

Comments from Part 61 Working Group

Comments from States, State Organizations and Compacts

Comments from Federal Agencies

Comments from Facility Operators

Comments from Industry Organizations and Consultants

Comments from Tribes, Citizen Organizations and Other Stakeholders

A full list of ML numbers for stakeholder comments that were submitted to the NRC on the new proposed 10 CFR Part 61 rule, along with directions for accessing the comments on NRC’s web site, can be found HERE.  

NRC Documents

P61WG Power Point Presentations

Additional LLW Forum / P61WG Documents

Other Stakeholder Documents